The surf and sun are in our soul.

Surf Souleil (soul - lay) was born from the idea of connecting a community of sun and surf chasers through the shared love for our oceans and nature.  Being surfers and also owning a surf shop too has helped shape our core mission: combining thoughtful manufacturing with sustainable practices while providing great quality and style.   We practice low waste manufacturing and each collection is ethically made in the USA from swim fabric spun from recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in our landfills and oceans.  Our supply chain is also earth friendly.  We do not use any plastic and our packaging is recyclable and bio-degradable. 

We believe in giving back to our earth and community. With each collection we practice low-waste manufacturing. Our swimwear is ethically made in the USA from recycled fabric spun from plastic bottles that otherwise would end up in our landfills or oceans. You can learn more about our sustainable fabric, Econyl, here.

Each production run is thoughtfully produced in small quantities. To avoid over production and waste, we produce what we can sell. When styles run out we produce more to fill the demand.

As we work to become more sustainable, we take our leftover fabric from manufacturing and use it to create dog clothing and accessories. With each purchase of a dog product, we donate food + funds to reduce shelters across the nation.

Through Surf Souleil, we come together over shared values of sustainability, creating a tribe of sun chasers in pursuit of the perfect surf.

Our changing norms of a post pandemic world have shaped a new future; one that has brought to light how precious our environment is.  if the  quarantine showed us anything its that the people we share it with is precious.   our Surf Souleil team thought let’s take the lessons from the past and look forward with a collection of eco-chic /sustainable and multi functional, silhouettes that evoke a renewed desire to chase good vibes, good friends, good times.   





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